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How to Select the Best Prawns?

1. Know what type of shrimp you want:
Cold water shrimp. This is a type of small, sweet shrimp that is pre-cooked and sold to you ready to go at the store.

  • Tiger shrimp or tiger prawns. These are striped shrimp (which makes sense because of their name).
  • Rock shrimp. This type of shrimp usually comes from the Florida area. When it’s cooked it will turn red and white (instead of pure pink like other types of shrimp).
  • White shrimp, brown shrimp and pink shrimp. You can identify these based on their color.
Chili Prawns

Our Own – Organic Chili Lime Prawns

2. Don’t get precooked shrimp. Unless you are choosing one of the cold water shrimp varieties for a cold shrimp dish.

3. Choose shrimp that still has the shell on.
4. Choose shrimp that isn’t in the freezer section. Expensive but better!
5. But the shrimp should be on ice.
6. Make sure that the shrimp is the right color. Your shrimp should be white.
7. Ask to touch one of the pieces of shrimp. What you’re looking for is a firm shell that isn’t slimy.
8. Pay attention to how shiny the shell is. The shiniest, the better.
9. Get shrimp with the heads still on. You get the best flavor if you buy the full shrimp and cut the heads off yourself.
10. Smell the shrimp. It should smells salty and remind you of the ocean.